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If you enjoy creating on fabric or paper, these books offer a lot of design and color play. I take so much pleasure in fabric. I probably started collecting pieces in my late teens. Through the years I have toted dozens of pieces I just didn't want to part with across the country. I love discovering new designs in the shops as well as creating my own pieces. I am exploring various resist techniques and have found lots of information and ideas to work with. Check out the side bars for excellant resources and pattern connections available for free on the web.

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Fabric Books
The Basic Guide to Dyeing & Painting Fabric
An Eclectic mixture of doll information, resources, tools and supply sources.
information resource and referal network
Fabric Link
educational resource for fabric care
Perfect Touch
Modeling & Sculpting Tools for Sculptors & Doll Artist
The Costume Source Site
Angel Wings
lots of feather links
Phoenix Textiles
Hand-dyed batik line
Fireside Basics
Doll Hair Supplies - mohair
Common Threads Fiber Art Store and Learning Center
Monster Makers
Color Project
Textile Arts Network

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